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Creative Writing Adverts – The Black Hole

My ad is a Doritos ad which is banned now in the UK because of its sexual interests, i love this ad because it shows even if your fat and not very good looking for model type girls if you eat Doritos the girls will come right at you

then i will state how its funny because the ad is giving out false associations, which will then lead me talking about what will really happen if a fat person was to eat Doritos or a normal person.

i will link to other sexual ads saying that adverts usually are sexual because people think it sells more and the public is attracted to stuff like that

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Of mice and men

Dreams EStablished:
1. George and lennie-p15
2. Crooks buying in-p86 “crooks reached”
3. P88 curleys wife “pitchers”
1. Crooks-p83 “you’re nuts”
2. Crooks-p94 retracts offer
3. P89 curleys wife

Of mice and men:Task
Write a paragraph that establishes the dreams and aspirations of 1 character
– use at least 1 quotation.
– identity in the language of the quote the power of the dream.

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Storm at Sea

claire francis felt annoyed that the storm came at that point of time because she felt that she was unprepared for it, she also said that it was going to be ‘appalling’. she also felt tired and exhaust from changing sails throughout the night, and to add onto that she was soaking wet with not that much dry clothes. she struggle to find some dry clothes, but found it in the end which gave her a little hope in becoming dry. then she started to think what it would be like when this over, “One day when all the world was dry, I would put on those wonderful clothes and feel that life was approximately a hundred times better”.

She was talking about the boat like it was a human which was a use of a metaphor,’She would rush at a wave, leap off the top, and then crash down on to the other side, give a quick roll or flip, then rush at another’. toward the end she couldn’t be bothered too anything when stuff started to break on the boat because of the storm, she was tired and just stuck her self somewhere safe where she wouldn’t feel the impact of the boat moving everywhere. At the end she started to think of what it would be like when the storm ends and the sun comes out with that cool strong breeze.

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Act 1 scene 1

After the death of the emperor of Rome his two sons Saturninus and Bassianus we’re deciding which one of them should take the throne, basically they are arguing for the throne, one of them said that he was the first born so he should be the emperor, but the other brother disagreed, then Marcus and titus show up and the two brothers got silenced. Titus enters to great fanfare, trailed by four living sons and two in coffins he brings with him the Tamora, Queen of the Goths, her three sons, and Aaron her lover. Tamora had to sacrifice her son for Titus’s dead offspring. Marcus offers Titus the scepter of Rome so that he can control rome, but Titus refuses it on account of his age. After Marcus steps in and says ‘Not so fast, boys. Everyone knows the people have already elected Titus Andronicus’ because the two boys were arguing about who going to be king of Rome.

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After the death of the emperor of Rome his two sons Saturninus and Bassianus we’re deciding which one of them should take the throne, basically they are arguing for the throne, one of them said that he was the first born so he should be the emperor, but the other brother disagreed, then Marcus and titus show up and the two brothers get silenced

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. Hunger games
. Hunger games pt 2

. Jumper
. biggie & 2pac

What is bravery, bravery is when someone faces danger with no fear and has the to die they love, I know it’s sounds a bit dramatic but thats bravery,i was watching a movie called hunger games which had some strong bravery scene in it, there is one very noticeable one in the beginning of the movie when the main character called katness sacrificed herself for her sister who got pick out of loads of girls to compete in the hunger games, katness volunteered herself because she knew her younger sister couldn’t fight in the hunger games, she would probably die in a instant. that was example of bravery in hunger games.

also i would like to talk about something b=different but not different, the movie notorious who is based on the the rapper biggie smalls, i want to talk about this because he is one prime example of bravery, for example before he died he wanted to go to california where he knew he wasn’t wanted there but he still went to show that he don’t care who’s after him he weren’t scared that people were going to be after him if he went to california, he showed bravery there. but just when he was about to leave california from a night club,someone drive by in there car and shot him then he died jus like that

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After Earth

You were there, when the world was dying. You heard the loud noise coming from the sky’s from the astroids falling down on to the London streets, you quickly react to see if your mum was awake and see what was happening, you knew what was happens from the conspiracies that people have talked about over 100 years. You felt the hot steam of smoke coming though the open window which your mum leaves open for when she smokes a cigarette for the smoke to go outside.your mum wasn’t at the house, you just remembered that she went to Los Angeles for her job. You went to the window in your mums room to see what was happening outside then a big rock smashed through your room. You could feel the cold draft coming from the smashed no longer window.

Under your bed was your Nike air Jordan’s which was covered with glass, you ran and jump on the mid height bed which broken by the rock smashing through,

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There is no sun, everything is pitch black, I can’t see anything but darknes. There is only a glimpse of light coming from the stars in the sky. The moon has somehow moved to a diffierent part of the galaxy but It can still be seen.
It’s very cold. there is no warmth corming from the sky. The wind howls its icy way over the land. I go out of my underground shelter every Tuesday for 20hrs to get food, on that day the heavy winds cools down which gives a chance to get supplies. I can’t be doing this for the rest of my life so that’s why this Tuesday am preparing my self to go west

Earth isn’t the same, I’m getting the feeling that earth is coming to an end ever since that day


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